Book Trailer

Trailer, 2 minutes - Rør Mig af Linda Victoria

Rør Mig (Touch Me) is the first book in a planed trilogy by Danish author Linda Victoria, published the 8th of September 2016 in Denmark by People'sPress.  Liv Colliander directed and edited the commercial / trailer for the book, which was sponsored by Porsche, and is to be found online on several digital platforms in three lengths. Read more here: SAXOfacebook

"I have always been fascinated by characters who are conflicted by their own greediness for power/wealth and need for true love. Especially when it involves a fall from the top and a total transformation for the better or the worse. In my opinion we are our own biggest enemy and our inner truth/soul can only be seen in the still moment after total self destruction of the former self, which Linda Victoria captures so well in her new book series. Her words are hunting and seductive at the same time. Reading her first book brought back memories of growing up North of Copenhagen in Denmark, where many of the country's richest families live and where horrifying stories about dagerous narcissistic and destructive games as time killers and emotional fillers aren't unusual. Where the sky is the limit and often so far out that it is unbelievable. "

Short Trailer, 15 Seconds - Rør Mig af Linda Victoria